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Mario is back for long-awaited 2D goodness.
Since 1985, the Mario Bros. have been stomping on Goombas and trouncing Koopa shells, while entertaining us. Although most of Mario’s original platforming games since Super Mario 64 have been in 3D, that changed when New Super Mario Bros. was released on the Nintendo DS. It was a good game, but it lacked difficulty and that classic Mario feel. But, a sequel to New Super Mario Bros. has just been released on the Wii, New Super Mario Bros. Wii., the first 2D Mario game on a home console since Super Mario World.
But, does it deliver the classic 2D Mario gameplay we all know and love? New Super Mario Bros. Wii’s ”plot” is the same story you have seen in previous Mario games, Princess Peach gets kidnapped. This time, Bowser sends the Koopalings [who have returned after being absent in a Mario platformer since Super Mario World] and Bowser Jr. do his dirty work.
The gameplay of NSMBW is similar to Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World. Mario is on a World Map like previous games, and from there he will have to clear levels in order to proceed. In order to clear a level, Mario must get to the end of a level and touch a flagpole [similar to Super Mario Bros.] in order to clear the level. There is also fortress and castle level in each world, and most fortress and castle levels end in a boss fight with a Koopaling. What is so great about this game, is that it takes elements from every Mario platformer, even Super Mario 64 and Yoshi’s Island! Mario can not only jump and stomp enemies, but he can ground pound, triple jump, spin jump, and even wall kick! You have two control options, the Wii Remote on its side and the Wii Remote with the Nunchuck. The Wii Remote on its side is the best control option, but it would have been nice to have the option to use the Classic Controller.
Toad Houses make a return, where you can play minigames to win extra lives or powerups. Like Super Mario Bros. 3, you can use powerups on the World Map before entering a level, a very useful feature. Most of the power-ups are power-ups returning form previous Mario games, such as the Fire Flower and Ice Flower. But, there are two new power-ups, the Penguin Suit and the Propeller Suit. The Penguin Suit is one of the best power-ups in the game. The Penguin Suit allows you to slide on ice, freeze enemies, and swim a lot more fluidly underwater. The Propeller Suit is a great power-up to use, because it allows you to fly up into the air and glide down by shaking the Wii Remote a little bit. My only problem with the controls are that some of the motion controls. Shaking the Wii Remote to spin jump or use the Propeller Suit is slightly annoying, and I wish there was an option to use the action with a button rather than motion controls. You can also ride on Yoshi is some levels, similar to Super Mario World. Riding on Yoshi is extremely fun. But, Yoshi only appears in certain levels, making his role smaller than his role in Super Mario World. I wished Yoshi had a bigger role. The boss fights are very fun, and the single-player mode’s difficulty is somewhat challenging, but nothing super-hard. You have the option of using the Super Guide if you die too many times. If you use the Super Guide, Luigi will appear and clear the level for you.
What is awesome is the fact that you can play the game up to four players, the first time we have seen four player action in a Mario platformer since Mario Bros. In multiplayer mode, you can play as Mario, Luigi, and two Toads. The multiplayer mode is very fun, but it is so chaotic that you and your friends will be dying more from getting in each other’s way then the levels and enemies themselves! Ultimately, the single-player mode is more fun. What is also a shame is that the multiplayer is also local only, online play would have been a very nice addition. There are also two multiplayer-only modes which are Free for All and Coin Battle. Free for All is the same as the main game mode, except you can choose just to play one level. Coin Battle is a mode where you have to get the most coins in a level. Both of these modes are fun and nice little diversions.
The graphics are basic, but they look decently nice. But in a 2D Mario platformer, gameplay matters more than graphics. The music and sound effects are fantastic, and even the voice dialogue is great. There is plenty of replay value in this game. There are three Star Coins in each level, and it will take you quit some time to get all the Star Coins. There is also plenty of secrets in NSMBW.
NSMBW is a fantastic platformer, and it is one of the best 2D platformers on the Wii. Buy it as soon as you can, you do not want to miss out on this great game!
Graphics:8/10-The graphics are nice, but simple.
Sound:9/10-The music, sound effects, and brief voice acting is fantastic.
Gameplay:9/10-The gameplay is fantastic. Both single-player and multiplayer mode are fantastic, but single-player mode is more fun.
Lasting Appeal:9/10 The game is somewhat long, and collecting all the Star Coins will take quite sometime.
Overall:9/10 Awesome
Kingdom Hearts
Gerne(s):Action RPG
System:PlayStation 2
Will Kingdom Hearts warm or shatter your heart?
If there is one thing most gamers know, is that Square-Enix is legendary when it comes to RPGs. But, when a Disney-Final Fantasy crossover action RPG was announced for the PlayStation 2 called Kingdom Hearts, gamers had their doubts. There are many game with liscensed characters or franchises that range from medicore to downright horrible [like Superman 64]. But, Kingdom Hearts turned out to be a wondefrul and awesome game. In fact, Kingdom Hearts is one of the best action RPGs ever made. Why? Find out in this review!
Kingdom Hearts has one of the best stories ever in a RPG. While the storyline seems simple, it has many twists, turns, and hidden mysteries. The main plot involves a boy named Sora traveling with Disney characters Donald Duck and Goofy to find Sora’s friends Riku and Kairi after being seperated from them.  Because Sora bears a weapon called the ”Keyblade”, he is constantly being hunted by creatures called Heartless, creatures of darkness that do not have hearts. When Sora, Donald Duck, and Goofy are in a Disney world, the story in the Disney world is usually a similar story to the Disney movie the world is based on. However, the best part of the story is the overall story. It has many mysteries and Kingdom Hearts has a very deep storyline.
Kingdom Hearts is a 3D action-RPG with hack and slash elements. The gameplay consists of Sora, Donald Duck, and Goofy traveling through various worlds. Most of these worlds are based on Disney films. Sora, Donald Duck, and Goofy will encounter Heartless in on the field during battle. The battle gameplay is in real time and it is action RPG gameplay at its finest. While every part of a battle happens in real-time, there are TONS of Final Fantasy influences from magic to summons. You can only control Sora, Donald Duck and Goofy are controlled by the A.I., but you can customize their behavior in the pause menu. The party member and enemy A.I behaivor works very well. Sora and his temporary party members have HP and MP, just like non-action RPGs. Kingdom Hearts has Disney written all over it. Most of the worlds are Disney worlds with Disney characters [like for example, Wonderland is based on the movie Alice in Wonderland], and all of your party members [including temporary party members] are Disney characters. Even all your summons are Disney characters. So, if you dislike Disney, Kingdom Hearts is not for you.
 The main hub world is Traverse Town, which is inhabited by charcters from the Final Fantasy series and a few Disney characters. Sora can travel to other worlds in a Gummi Ship.
You have to clear a 3D on-rails shooting game to travel to each world, but thankfully you can warp to worlds after a certain point in the game. You can even customize your Gummi Ship! In most Disney worlds, there are even Disney charcters who will be temporary party members in their respective Disney world. There are plenty of boss fights in Kingdom Hearts, there are all unique. Some bosses are giant Heartless, while other bosses are Disney villians. But, all the boss fights are fun and epic.
Kingdom Hearts has some of the best graphics for a PlayStation 2 game, despite the fact that it is one of the early PlayStation 2 games. All the characters look well desinged and fit in with each part of the game. The locations look well desgined, and the Disney worlds look like those worlds were taken from their repective Disney films.
The music and sound effects are top-notch and awesome. The voice-acting is the best voice-acting you will ever hear in a video game. The voice-acting for Sora and all the original charcters is voiced by English celebrities [for example, Haley Joel Osment voices Sora]. The Disney characters are voiced by their Disney voice actors from either their original film or their TV show. The music is incredible and epic. There is an unique musical track for each world and an unique battle musical track for each world.
Kingdom Hearts is a long game, it will take you awhile to complete the main quest of the game. It will take you even longer to complete all sidequests, and defeat all the optional bosses.
Kingdom Hearts is one of the greatest games ever made. If you have not bought this game, you are missing out on a timeless classic. Buy it now!!
Graphics:10/10 For an early PlayStation 2 game, the graphics are fantastic.
Sound:10/10 The music, sound effects, and voice acting are all fantastic.
Gameplay:10/10 Kingdom Hearts’s action RPG gameplay is the best in any action RPG, period.
Lasting Appeal:10/10 The main quest will take awhile to complete, and there are plenty of sidequests and even optional bosses!
Overall:10/10 PERFECT!
Mario & Luigi:Bowser’s Inside Story
Gerne(s):Action, RPG, Platformer
Input:Traditional, Touchscreen, and Mic
Handheld(s):Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite, and Nintendo DSi.
It’s time to get into the inside of this game!
The Mario & Luigi series has always been an awesome series. When Mario & Luigi:Superstar Saga was released in 2003, gamers were treated to a totally original and classic RPG. A sequel was released in 2005, Mario & Luigi:Partners in Time. While Partners in Time might not have been as good as Superstar Saga, it was still a great game. This year, a third game has been released in the series, Mario & Luigi:Bowser’s Inside Story. It is a good game, but the question is how good is it?
Mario & Luigi:Bowser’s Inside Story has some of the most unique ideas in any RPG ever made. To begin with, Mario and Luigi are not the only playable characters in this game. Bowser has such a huge role in this game, it is safe to say that this is actually his own game. Not only is Bowser a playable character, but Mario and Luigi will be traveling throughout his body a lot in the game. Bowser’s Inside Story will make you go back and forth between the Mario Bros. and Bowser throughout the game. Like previous Mario & Luigi games, Mario and Luigi’s gameplay is similar to the previous games in the Mario & Luigi series. But with Bowser as a playable character, there are plenty of new gameplay additions.
Mario and Luigi explore Bowser’s body in a 2D sidescrolling view, similar to the Mario platformers. Mario and Luigi’s battle system is similar to the previous Mario & Luigi games, but with enough new additins for the gameplay to feel fresh. Mario and Luigi’s regular attacks are jumping and hammering. Mario & Luigi can now double jump on enemies and hammer enemies with extra power [similar to Partners in Time’s attacks]. But what makes the battle system so exciting, is that you will have to press buttons at the right time to deal damage to enemies and avoid enemies’ attacks. Mario and Luigi can use Special Attacks which require Special Points, which are similar to Bros. Points in Superstar Saga. Special Attacks are extremly powerful attacks that require certain button presses to sucessfuly pull off the attack. The battle system is simple enough for non-RPG gamers to learn, and for RPG fans to enjoy. Mario and Luigi will perform actions during battles and when exploring Bowser’s body with the A and B buttons. Outside of battle, Mario and Luigi will have to obtain new ablities [similar to Superstar Saga’s abilities] to access new parts in Bowser’s body.
Bowser’s gameplay is different, unique, and contains some of the best parts of the game. Bowser’s gameplay consists of Bowser exploring the huge connected overworld [the Mushroom Kingdom] in a isometric view similar to Superstar Saga. The overworld is 3/4 times bigger than Superstar Saga’s overworld. Bowser’s battle system is similar to Mario and Luigi’s battle system, but there are some differences. Bowser’s attacks are punching and breathing fire. Bowser can also avoid attacks. You will use the X and Y buttons to peform actions [like punching and breathing fire] with Bowser in battles and the overworld. 
Bowser can also use his own Special Attacks with his minions which are performed by using the touchscreen. There are times that Bowser will be in a bad situation, and Mario and Luigi will have to help Bowser out by playing a minigame. The minigames are fun and add even more variety to the gameplay.  Bowser can also inhale some enemies, and Mario and Luigi can battle those enemies inside Bowser. There are times when you will have to use both the Mario Bros. and Bowser access new areas in Bowser’s body. For example, Bowser will have to go back and forth drinking water and not drinking water for the Mario Bros. to travel through a certain part of Bowser’s body.
But, the most fun part of Bowser’s Inside Story are the Giant Bowser battles. The Giant Bowser battles consist of turning the Nintendo DS sideways and using the touchscreen and microphone to defeat giant bosses. To make things even better, Mario and Luigi can get out of Bowser’s body and explore the overworld after a certain point in the game. The perfect controls and awesome gameplay makes this game the deepest and most fun Mario & Luigi game by far.
The story is even more awesome and hilarious than previous Mario & Luigi games. A disease called ”The Blorbs” is infecting the Toads in the Mushroom Kingdom, causing Toads to inflate to huge sizes. Princess Peach calls for a meeting to figure out how to find a cure to the Blorbs. Peach calls Mario and Luigi to the meeting, but Bowser comes and tries to ruin the meeting. Mario defeats Bowser, and Bowser is sent flying ino a forest. Bowser wakes up and is offered a ”Lucky Mushroom” by a shady merchant. However, the ”Lucky Mushroom” is actually a Vacuum Mushroom, and the shady merchant is Fawful, a villian from Superstar Saga. When Bowser swallows it, he returns to Peach’s Castle and swallows Mario, Luigi, Peach, and other characters into his belly. Fawful takes control of Peach’s Castle and Bowser’s Castle. Bowser wakes up and decides to stop Fawful, while Mario and Luigi must find a way to get out of Bowser’s belly. The dialouge is hilarious, but Fawful’s and Bowser’s dialouge is some of the best and hilarious dialouge in the game. From Fawful’s extremly funny and quotable quotes, to Bowser’s ”solve problems with my fist” additude, the dialouge will make any gamer laugh.
The graphics in Bowser’s Inside Story have some of the best 2D graphics in any Nintendo DS game. The amazing 2D graphics are crisp, colorful, and very detailed.
AlphaDream did an amazing job with the music in Bowser’s Inside Story. It is some of the best music I have ever heard in any Nintendo DS game yet. The sound and voice effects are also awesome.
It will take you awhile to complete Bowser’s Inside Story, and it will take you even longer to complete all the sidequests. Both the Mario Bros. and Bowser have plenty of sidequests to complete, and there are even optional bosses in this game!
Mario & Luigi:Bowser’s Inside Story is not only one of the best Nintendo DS games ever made, but it is one of the best Mario RPGs ever made. If you can only purchase one game for the rest of the year, buy Bowser’s Inside Story! You will not regret it!
Graphics:10/10 The 2D graphics are so awesome that it looks even better than some 3D Nintendo DS games.
Sound:10/10 The music is the best music in a Mario & Luigi game ever. The sound and voice effects are also great.
Gameplay:10/10 A combination of classic Mario & Luigi gameplay mixed in with Bowser and a ton of new gameplay additions makes this game the best Mario & Luigi game by far.
Lasting Appeal:10/10 The main story will take you awhile to complete, and there are tons of sidequests and secrets to find in this game.
Overall:10/10 PERFECT!
Muramasa:The Demon Blade.
Gerne(s):Action RPG, 2D sidecroller, hack and slash.
Controllers:Wii Remote and Nunchuck, Classic Controller, and Gamecube controller.
Is Muramasa:The Demon Blade a legend or a broken blade?
If there is one thing the Wii is lacking, it is a variety of 2D sidescroller retail games. The Wii has a few 2D games like Super Paper Mario, Wario Land:Shake It!!, and Klonoa. But, gamers are curious to see how good Muramasa:The Demon Blade is. The question is:how good is Muramasa?
File:Momohime VS Orge.jpg
The gameplay combines action RPG and 2D sidescrollling elements. The entire game is played as a 2D sidescroller. The gameplay involes controlling either Kisuke or Momohime in each of their storylines. Your goal is to find a certain boss in a certain part of the game and defeat it. Along the way, you will encounter enemies to battle, items to find, and Non Playable Charcters to talk to. Battles with enemies require hacking and slashing enemies by just tapping one button constantly. But, you will also have to use other buttons to dodge enemies or counterattack. Both Kisuke and Momohime can use Secret Arts in battle. Secret Arts are special attacks unique to each blade in the game. Secrets Arts use up the Soul Gague. The Soul Gague is a meter that when emptied, you sword can break. When your blade temporaily breaks, you will have to change blades, and after awhile you can reuse that blade again. Kisuke and Momohime can carry 3 blades at one time. Some blades are less powerful but are quick to use and are great for aerial combat. Kisuke and Momohime can carry 3 blades at one time. In every battle, Kisuke or Momohime will gain expierience. After Kisuke or Momohime gain enough expierience, they will level up. The combo system is awesome, your character can hit enemies [or bosses] up to at least 200 times if there are a lot of enemies. Even the awesome Kingdom Hearts series would not let you score that many combos!
In or outside of battle, Kisuke and Momohime can jump and glide. The gameplay is very similar to the Metroid series and the Castlevania series in many ways. The enitire game’s locations are all connected like the Meteroid and Castlevania games. You will encounter barriers that will prevent you from going to another area until you have beaten a boss. But even then, only certain barriers will open. As you progrees through the game, more barriers will open up. The boss fights are some of the most fun parts of the game. Unlike batttles with regular enemies, you will need to use unique strategies to defeat each boss. The bosses all have unique attacks, and the bosses’ difficulties range from easy to hard. Both Kisuke and Momohime can restore their health by using haeling items in or out of battle. There are also items that will heal status ailments, and there are acessories that will increase your character’s strenght and/or vitailty. There are even shops where you can buy items, eat food, and buy maps to help you find where you are in the game. You can use the Wii Remote and Nunchuck together, the Classic Controller, or the Gamecube controller. All three controller setups work perfectly, and the Wii Remote and Nunchuck thankfully do not use motion-sensing at all.
The story is good, but there is not as much story compared to other RPGs. Both stories are unique, Kisuke has lost his memory, while Momohime is posessed by a spirit of a person called Jinkuro. Both stories are great, but the story is only shown in cutscenes before and after boss battles. If you are buying this game for the story, you will be a little dissapointed. The story is good, but the gameplay outshines the story.
The graphics are amazing and are a work of art. Muramasa:The Demon Blade perfectly captures the Japanese setting and every single part of the game is perfect graphics-wise. The loading times are non-existent. Muramasa’s graphics are the best graphics for a 2D Wii retail game, even better than Super Paper Mario’s and Wario Land:Shake It’s graphics.
The music is beautiful, every track is beautiful and captures the Japanese setting of the game. The entire voice-acting is in Japanese, but there are English subtitles that will allow to understand what the character are saying. The Japanese voice-overs actuallly helps the game’s story out a lot. The Japanese actors do a tremendously good job at the voice acting, better than any English voice actor could do in this game.
Muramasa:The Demon Blade has a lot of replay value. It will take you around 20 hours to complete both characters’ stories. Each charcater’s story has their own unique bosses, enemies, and locations. But, there are plenty of extras. There are optional bosses, secret ending, and much much more to dicover after you complete both characters’ stories. There are three difficulty settings, Muso, Shura, and Shigurui. Muso mode is the easy mode, where the game will focus more on character leveling as opposed to action. Shura mode is harder and more action-oriented than Muso mode. Shiguri mode is unlocked after completing Shura mode. Shiguri mode is similar to Shura mode, except that your character’s HP is 1 and will remain that way in Shiguri mode.
It is very surprising to see a game like this to be so amazing. Not only is Muramasa:The Demon Blade one of the best 2D retail Wii games, it is one of the best game third-party Wii game ever. You need to buy this game as soon as you can!
Graphics:10/10 One of the most beautiful games made for the Wii, the 2D graphics are gorgeous and perfect.
Music:9/10 Each musical track is epic and beautiful, and the Japanese voice acting and sound effects are superb.
Gameplay:9/10 The hack and slash, action RPG, and sidescrolling elements mix together perfectly. This is one of the most fun and unique games on the Wii. The action is intense, and it is so good you will not want to quit playing.
Lasting Appeal:9/10 Three difficulties, optional bosses, and secret endings adds tons of replay value to this game.
Overall:9/10 Awesome
Mega Man
Platform(s):Virtual Console [Wii, originally on NES]. There are also numerous ports of Mega Man II on various platforms.
Gerne:Platformer, shooter.
Controllers:Wii Remote, Classic Controller, and the Gamecube controller.
Nintendo Points:500
Is Mega Man as good as it’s sequels?
Capcom has many classic franchises, but none of them are as legendary than the Mega Man series. It combines classic platforming and shooting elements into awesome gameplay. All good video game franchises have a beginning, and the first Mega Man game started it all.
Mega Man is a platformer where you goal is to reach the end of the level and defeat the boss, a Robot Master. There are six stages and Robot Masters. You can choose which stage you want to go to, but you will eventually have to complete each one. Mega Man’s main attack is being able to shoot his opponents with his regular weapon. Mega Man will be able to use a Robot Master’s weapon after defeating it, but The Robot Masters’ weapons have limited ammo [unlike Mega Man’s regular weapon], and Mega Man will have to collect ammo cells to restore his ammo. The stages are hard, but the game gives you unlimited continues, and there is a password feature. But, the Virtual Console’s suspend state feature makes the password feature useless. The boss fights against the Robot Masters are fun, unique, and challenging. While the Robot Masters can be defeated with Mega Man’s regular weapon, using one of the special weapons that a Robot Master is weak to can make the battle a lot easier. For example, using Ice Man’s Ice Slasher weapon against Fire Man makes the battle a lot easier.
One unique feature in Mega Man that was not in the sequels is the ability to revisit the stages even after you cleared them. But, there is only one time in the game where you are required to do revisit a stage, and that is to obtain a secret weapon [the Magnet Beam] in order to clear the Wily Stages. After you clear all stages, Mega Man will have to clear the 4 Dr.Wily stages to  complete the game. The difficuly is extremely difficult in these Dr. Wily stages and the bosses in each stage, even more difficult than Mega Man II’s Dr.Wily stages!
The graphics are good, considering it is a 8-bit game and the first Mega Man. While the music in Mega Man may not be quite as awesome as Mega Man II’s music, it is still some of the best 8-bit music ever made. The gameplay is awesome, but it is overall more difficult than Mega Man II. There are also no Energy Tanks in the first Mega Man, unlike its sequels.
If you do not mind Mega Man’s difficulty, you should buy this game with no hesitation. While it may not be as good as it’s sequels, it is still a great game.
Graphics:8/10 The graphics are great for an early NES game.
Sound:9/10 Even though this is the first game in the Mega Man series, the music is still awesome.
Gameplay:9/10 The game is very but, extremely diffiucult. But the difficulty actually makes the game more enjoyable.
Lasting Appeal:7/10 Depending on how good you are with Mega Man, it might take you awhile to complete beacuse of it’s difficulty. But, it is still shorter than it’s sequels.
Overall:8/10 Great
Metroid Fusion
Gerne(s):Action, Adventure, Platformer, Shooter.
Platform(s):Game Boy Advance
Is Metroid Fusion a classic, or has it blown a bad fuse?
 When Super Metroid was released, everyone loved it. It combined exploration, non-linear gameplay, action, adventure, and shooter elements into one fantastic game. Strangely, Nintendo did not work on a sequel for a long time. Metroid fans had to wait for 8 years before Samus made her return. But, she did not return in just one game, she return in two games in one day [only in North America]. The first game was Samus’s first 3D adventure:Metroid Prime. But, Samus also had a new 2D adventure at the time called Metroid Fusion on the Game Boy Advance. Metroid fans have a mixed opinon about Metroid Fusion because of it’s linear gameplay, but is it still an awesome game?

 Like Super Metroid, Metroid Fusion’s gameplay is similar in some ways, but different. Like other Metroid games, Samus’s goal is to look for upgrades to her suit that will allow her to reach new areas in the game. To do that, she will need to fight bosses or look for Data Rooms. Samus travels in an open-ended world like the other Metroid games, the game takes place in the Biologic Space Laboratories. The Biologic Space Laboratories has a Main Deck and 6 Sectors. The 6 sectors are varied and unique. For example, one sector is iced-based, and another is fire-based. Samus’s new enemies are the X parasites which mimic as various enemies and bosses in the game. Samus can absorb the X Parasites when she defeats any enemy or boss. When she absorbs a X Parasite from an regular enemy, it restores health or missles. If she absorbs an X Parasite from a boss, Samus will gain a new ability. Samus can also gain new abilities from Data Rooms, which Samus will have to search for.

The boss battles are fun and unique, every boss requires a different strategy to defeat it. After defeating a boss, you usually have to defeat it’s Core-X [a X Parasite that can attack you] to truly defeat the boss.

 But, what sets Metroid Fusion apart from other Metroid games is it’s linear gameplay. The main gameplay involes Samus taking orders from a computer in Navigation Rooms. The objectives ranged from finding a power-up, defeating a boss, and other objectives. This makes it it nearly impossible to perform any sequence breaks. You may think that because of this, Metroid Fusion is a somewhat medicore game. But, it is not a medicore game at all. In fact, Metroid Fusion is one of the better Metroid games out there. The controls are perfect, and game is a joy to play from start to finish. Not only does it keep the classic Metroid gameplay, but it adds enough new elements to make the game feel fresh. For example, Samus’s Fusion Suit is slight different from her Power Suit. She can no longer use the Ice Beam [instead she can use Ice Missles], but she can now grab ledges without the use of the Power Grip. Metroid Fusion is the first 2D Metroid game to have animated cutscenes. Metroid Fusion’s story is much more deeper and intresting than previous Metroid games.

 One other new element is that Samus will encounter the SA-X [an X-Parasite mimicking Samus’s Power Suit] several times during the game. During these encounters, Samus will have to hide or run from the invincible SA-X. These SA-X encounters are intense but fun.

 For an early Game Boy Adavnce game, the graphics are fantastic. The music is awesome and fits in well with the game. Like previous Metroid games, there is replay value in obtaining 100% percent. There are different endings where you can see Samus with or without her suit depending on how many weapons and energies upgrades you collected and how quickly you complete the game.

 Metroid Fusion is a fantastic video game. It might be linear, but it’s new gameplay elements and deeper story makes this game extremely fun. Do not miss out on this overlooked gem, buy this game now!

Graphics:9/10 For an early Game Boy Advane game, the graphics are fantastic. Metroid Fusion is one the best-looking Game Boy Advance games.
Sound:9/10 The music is awesome, and the sound effects are great.
Gameplay:9/10 Metroid Fusion might be linear, but it is a fantastic game from beginning to end. Classic Metroid gameplay mixed with new elements makes this game fantastic.
Lasting Appeal:9/10 This game is not short by no means. There is plent of replay value in collecting 100% and seeing the different endings.
Overall:9/10 Awesome

To everybody wondering about my future reviews, I will explain. In celebration of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days being relased in North America very soon, I’m going to try to review all PS2 Kingdom Hearts games. You had already seen that my Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories review is up. But that’s not all, I also plan to review Mario & Luigi:Bowser’s Inside Story and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days in the future. I should be recieving my copy of Mario & Luigi:Bowser’s Inside Story on September 16, 2009, and I should be recieving my copy of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days on September 29, 2009. Now because of this, I might be posting reviews less frequently than I was posting during my Game Boy reviews special. But, don’t worry. Reviews will be on the way. I have no clue for sure what EXACT order I will be reviewing these games, and I might even throw in a suprise game review. Who knows? Time will tell.
EDIT:I will review Kingdom Hearts I and Kingdom Hearts II in the future, but it might be October or later before I’m able to review those games. My next review will be Metroid Fusion. I also bought Muramasa:The Demon Blade, and I plan to review that game when I complete it, it might even be my next review!

Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories
Gerne(s):Action RPG, Card game.
Platform(s):PlayStation 2 [remake of the Game Boy Advance game Kingdom Hearts:Chain of Memories]
I hope you like cards!
When Kingdom Hearts:Chain of Memories was released on the Game Boy Advance, it was a great game. But, it is very different from other Kingdom Hearts games. But despite that, it was a great game and it was very popular. In 2008, a 3D remake was released on the PlayStation 2. Does the remake add enough extra content to be worth purchasing?
The gameplay is a combination of action RPG, card, and dungeon crawler gameplay. You will guide Sora [or Riku] through Castle Oblivion. You will travel through Castle Oblivion by using cards. Each world is entered by using a card. When you are in a world, you will be using ”Map Cards” to travel in the world. Map Cards are cards that will allow to progress in each room in a world. What is great about the map cards is that you can customize the room. For example, you can use one map card to have one room full of Heartless, or you can have another room to save your game in that room.
In batttle, you will be using cards the most. All battle cards and world cards have a number value of 1 to 9 and there are also cards with the number 0. To another room in a world, you will need a certain number by using the World Cards to enter another room. You cannot battle on the field like the other Kingdom Hearts games. You will have to strike an enemy on the field to enter the battlefield and being a battle. In battle, your card is used for attacking, magic, and every other attack. If your card is higher than the enemy’s card, you will be able to attack. But, if your enemy’s card is higher than your’s, than your card will be broken, allowing your enemy to attack. You can group three cards in a row to either attack three times in a row, or use special attacks called ”sleighs”. Sleighs are preform by using reaction commands [you perform reaction commands by using the triangle button].
The bosses in the game are very challenging, because they will use sleighs also. The bosses are certainly no pushovers! In Sora’s Story, you can customize you card deck by selecting which cards you want to use. You only have a certain number of card points tochoose which cards that you want to use.
In Riku’s Reverse/Rebirth mode [unlocked after completing Sora’s Story], Riku’s deck is fixed, and changes automatically as you progress. Riku also has dark points, if his dark meter is full, Riku can enter into dark mode. In Riku’s Dark Mode, his attacks are more powerful, and he can use powerful sleighs. Riku also can ”Card Duel” enemies. Card D Both Sora and Riku can use friend cards [but Riku’s only friend card is King Mickey], friend cards will call friends from various Disney worlds to help Sora or Riku out.  In Card Duel mode, Riku will have to break several of an enemy’s cards to unleash a powerful attack.
The story is a little mixed. The stories in the Disney worlds are a little weak, because all the Disney worlds were also in the first Kingdom Hearts game. But, the story in Castle Oblivion, Twilight Town, and Destiny Islands is fantastic. Both Sora’s Story’s and Reverse/Rebirth Mode’s stories are fantastic and dark.
The music is completly updated from the Game Boy Advance version. Some music [especially in the Disney worlds] is taken from the Kingdom Hearts game. But the other music is original and sounds a lot better than the GBA version of the music. There is now voice-acting in the remake, both in battle and in certain cutscenes. The voice-acting cutscenes are only in Castle Oblivion, Twilight Town, and Destiny Islands. The voice-acting is excellent, and the sound effects are great.
The graphics are remade in 3D, making the graphics look similar to the first Kingdom Hearts’s graphics. Which is great, because the original Kingdom Hearts’s graphics are awesome.
Completing Sora’s Story will take you awhile. After you complete Sora’s Story, Reverse/Rebirth mode will be unlocked. There are extras not in the origianl Chain of Memories. Extras include new boss fights, new cards, and a Theater Mode [a mode where you can rewatch the cutscenes with voice acting. The only mode that has been removed is the multiplayer Link Mode.
Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories might be just a remake of the weakest game in the Kingdom Hearts series, but the remake feels like a different game thanks to it’s 3D graphics and improved gameplay. Even though the other Kingdom Hearts games are still better, this remake is a game you must buy.
Graphics:9/10 The graphics are very good for a PlayStation 2 game, and they are completly 3D, unlike the original.
Sound:10/10 The music, sound effects, and voice-acting are fantastic.
Gameplay:9/10 Although the card gameplay keeps this game from being as fun as the other Kingdom Hearts games, the gameplay is still fantastic and unique. Reaction commands makes the game even more fun.
Lasting Appeal:9/10 Completing Sora’s Story will take awhile, and Reverse/Rebirth Mode adds some replay value.
Overall:9/10 Awesome
Wario World
System(s):Nintendo Gamecube
Gerne:Platformer, Beat ‘Em Up
Requested by Chrono Cross.
Is Wario’s first 3D adventure good enough to be greedy over?
When Nintendo decided to give Wario a 3D game, they allowed famed developer Treasure to develop Wario World. Wario World is a fantastic game, but they are some problems from keeping it being a completely enjoyable game.
Wario World is a 3D platformer, but it has beat ’em up elements. Your goal is to guide Wario to the end of the level and defeat the boss. Wario controls similar to the Wario Land games, Wario can even use his lunge attack from the Wario Land games. The beat ’em up elements comes in when Wario fights against enemies. Wario has a variety of fighting moves including a ground pound, punches, and many other moves. What is so fun about the combat is the variety of moves Wario has. Once Wario punches his enemies enough times, Wario is able to pick them up. Wario can throw his enemies, swing them around, or piledrive an enemy into the ground.
There is a new element in this game that has never been in a Wario game. Wario can now jump on balls called glue globes. Wario can jump on glue globes and he will be able to stick on glue globes, helping Wario get across gaps and reach otherwise inacessible areas. To clear a level, Wario will have to defeat the boss of each level. But to acess the boss, Wario will have to collect a certain number of red crystals. To collect red crystals, Wario will have to visit sub-levels which are hidden in doors and iron doors [which requires using an enemy by piledriving them into the iron door]. These sub-levels are some of the most fun and challenging parts of the game. The sub-levels will either require Wario to solve a puzzle, or pass through a difficult platfoming section in order to gain the red crystal.
There are other collectiables including Wario statues, [which when Wario has collected all the Wario statues in a level, it will increase his life bar] treasure, and creatures called Spritelings. There are five Spritelings in each level. Not only will the Spriteling give you advice, but they will rebuild Wario’s Castle at the end of the game depending on how many Spritelings you collected. Wario can collect coins, but they are used for a different purpose than the Wario Land series. If Wario dies, he can be revived by paying a fee from some of Wario’s coins. If Wario collects all treasures in a level, he will unlock a secret. What are these secrets? You will have to find out yourself! The boss fights are fantasticlly fun. Each boss fight require a unique strategy and they are fun and challenging.
But, there is one major problem with Wario World. Wario World is too short. There is a small hub world where Wario can enter 4 worlds. But, these 4 worlds only have 3 ”levels”. The first two levels in each world are actual levels with boss fights. But, the third level in each world is just a boss fight that is more difficult than other boss fights. Once, you complete all the levels and defeat all the bosses in Wario World, you can fight the final boss [who is very dissapointing]. After that, you have completed the game. Why does the game have to be so short? All the Wario Land games are much longer than Wario World.
Graphics-wise the game is great, but I have seen better-looking Gamecube games. The music is great, and fits in with each level and boss fight perfectly. The other problem is the almost non-existent camera. You can only barely move the camera to either the left or right a little bit. Strangely, the camera is free to use in the sub-levels.
Wario World is a great game. It actually feels like a 3D Wario game, and Treasure did a fantastic job. However, the game is too short. If you do not care about the game’s length, by all means buy it. However if you do care about the game’s length, then you might want to buy Wario Land:Shake It!! instead.
Graphics:8/10 Great graphics, but there are Gamecube games with better graphics.
Sound:8/10The music is great, and the sound effects are decent. Wario’s voice acting is great.
Gameplay:9/10The game combines platfoming and beat ’em up elements into a very fun expierience.
Lasting Appeal:6/10 The game is too short, it can be completed in a day.
Overall:7/10 Good

The winner of the contest is Nintendo Life member Chrono Cross. Congratulations Chrono! His request was for me to review Wario World. So, the next review will be Wario World.